President, TOBORG TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES, Bellevue, WA       2006-Present Executive consultant to high growth enterprises in the development and execution of technology, product, and partnering strategies. Selected engagements include:

  • Vice President Product Management, Control4, Inc. ( Line manager for team of 20 Product and Program Managers. Led comprehensive revamp of product strategy, roadmap, and development processes for 40+ products generating $100M+ annualized revenue.
  • New Product Development Consultant for major food processing equipment company. Identified market and technology gaps. Performed due diligence on technology partners. Defined new $200M product line.
  • Technology Advisory Board Member, Key Technologies ($100M+ Public Company).
  • COO Co-location and Cloud Services broker, Bandwidth Advisors. Responsible for on-boarding new providers, sales processes & development of new business model.
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Trimtab Alliance. Venture Capital group focused on early stage technology companies.
  • Member University of Washington Graduate School of Business Curriculum Committee, Technology Executives Peer Group (Puget Sound CIOs, CTOs)

SVP (CIO), STRATA8 NETWORKS, Bellevue, WA                                  2007-2009 Fixed-Mobile Convergence service provider for medium to large enterprise (

  • Defined and deployed company's first multi-phase, multi-vendor operation support system. Incorporated billing, order management, service provisioning, doc management, workflow. Resulted in systems that increased company's order processing and subscriber support capabilities many times over previous system.
  • Defined agile development and product release process linking business strategy, market drivers, technology and operations.
  • Led 15 member cross-functional Scrum team. Resulted in rapid development of Release 1 services.
  • Led business process team to define end-to-end service delivery process. Processes documented in BPMN format. Used as foundation for manual and automated systems.
  • Built and led Customer Service group. Defined business processes, systems, organization for 24/7 support center.

Chief Technical Officer, COSCOMM INTERNATIONAL, Kirkland, WA     2006-2007 Satellite and terrestrial hybrid communication solutions for first responders ( Responsible for technology and product strategy, product and service development. Currently developing communications and applications to support voice and real-time database access over seamlessly switched satellite, cellular, WiFi and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks.

Chief Technology Officer, MOSAIX COMMUNICATIONS, Seattle, WA  2002-2003 Venture Capital funded start-up. Private IP, VPN and unified communications service provider. Responsible for technology and service strategy, network architecture, OSS and service development. Developed low-cost private IP network and unified communication solutions for SMB. Deployed breakthrough low-cost point of presence (POP) architecture and nationwide virtual broadband network.

President, TELECOM TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES, Bellevue, WA        2001-2006 Executive consultant to telecom service providers, equipment and application vendors in the development and execution of technology, product, and partnering strategies. Selected activities include:              

  • VP Data Analytics for cellular location based services company. Architected multi-terabyte data warehouse and data mining application to analyze and predict customer purchasing preferences and target advertising based on customer model.
  • Acting CIO responsible for design of high-performance, high-availability e-commerce website. Wrote and submitted patents on “Neural Network Optimization Approach to Real Estate Lead Matching”.
  • TeleManagement Forum Project Manager responsible for defining Web Service standards for NMS/EMS integration. Resulted in creation of MTOSI 1.0 standard.
  • Recognized national expert in the area of Telecom Systems, Processes & Software Development. Served as Consulting and Testifying Expert Witness on multi-million $ litigation.
  • VP Business Development and Product Strategy for TigerStripe, SOA Design Tools company (acquired by Cisco).
  • Product Manager for network management start-up. New network configuration management product produced $10M in first year revenue. Frequent speaker at major telecom conferences including: Billing and OSS World, TeleManagement World, SuperComm and others. 

Vice President and CIO, 360NETWORKS, Seattle, WA                         2000-2001 Second largest fiber optic network in the world (route miles). Billion $ global broadband service provider.

Member senior management team reporting to CEO/COO. Built and led 250-employee global organization with $100M+ annual development and operations budget. Responsible for strategy, architecture, development and operation of all information systems including: corporate network, global data centers, high availability servers (UNIX, NT), desktops, storage systems, video conferencing, telephony, intranet, enterprise applications and operation support systems (OSS). Successfully supported corporate expansion from 700-2000 employees in 10 months on 4 continents and 125+ offices/sites. Developed and deployed initial OSS/BSS to support global network services.

Director, Product Development, TELEDESIC CORPORATION, Bellevue, WA 1999-2000 Global multi-billion $ multi-satellite system. Backed by Craig McCaw and Bill Gates. Responsible for overall product/service strategy for Teledesic’s global broadband satellite system. Defined product development process to support end-to-end service realization. Developed network service concepts and strategy for early entry projects (broadband GEO, global fiber network, content distribution services, interactive TV).

SBC TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES INC. (NOW AT&T), Austin, TX   1995-1999            A Fortune 50 company. Largest communications provider in US. $40B+ annual revenues.

Chief Data Warehousing Architect (acting CIO): Led comprehensive redesign of SBC Wireless information systems. Developed technical architecture and business plan for nationwide system incorporating data warehousing, data mining, and end-to-end integrated customer relationship management to support 7+ million cellular subscribers. Initial system deployed for customer retention. ROI breakeven in 9 months, annual savings (retained revenues) conservatively estimated at $40M+.

Network Architect: Served as a member of an executive team to develop the broadband network convergence strategy for SBC. Chief Technologist on $200M government IT reengineering project to support e-government systems. Responsible for evaluation and deployment of network design, simulation / modeling and performance monitoring tools throughout SBC. Responsible for developing strategy and services for high-speed Internet access technologies (ADSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, Fixed Wireless).

Program Manager (acting CTO): Direct report to CEO of Southwestern Bell Internet Services with responsibility for development and deployment of software systems for new ISP business. Responsible for coordinating efforts of 50+ member multi-vendor team, development of project plan and schedule, planning for new services. Helped grow business from 0 to 500K subscribers; 4 to 200 employees. Contributions recognized by TRI Cabinet Award for Teamwork and Technical Leadership.

Project Manager: While reporting to CEO, responsible for coordinating development of high capacity Internet Yellowpages e-commerce website. Major responsibilities included: Oversight of software development, project schedule, network architecture and development of new business processes. Contributions recognized by TRI On the Spot Award for “…outstanding technical leadership”.

Technical Leadership: SBC representative for Internet 2 Program; Chairman, SBC IP/ATM Broadband Architecture Team; Member XIWT Steering Committee on Internet Performance Metrics, Member IETF IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Working Group; Technical Program Committee Member for Neural Networks in Telecommunications. Directed Bellcore (Telcordia) research on Internet traffic modeling. Technical Chairman OPNETWORK99 international conference on network simulation & design.

MICROELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY CORP., Austin, TX 1994-1995 The largest and most prominent consortial research institution in the US.             Deputy Director Intelligent Systems Group: Responsible for new business development, technical marketing, system architecture design, task delegation, day-to-day technical supervision of research staff. Developed algorithms and software tools for complex signal/image processing. Applications included: Visa Credit Card Fraud Detection, Kodak Face Recognition, Eastman Chemical Commodity Price Prediction, Postal System Handwriting Recognition, Multi-Spectral Image Data Fusion.

HUGHES RESEARCH LABORATORIES, Malibu, CA                                 1989-1994 Member of Computer Architecture & AI groups. Central R&D facility for multi-billion $ Hughes Aircraft.

Project Manager / Technical Lead responsible for development of neural net, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and multi-sensor fusion technologies applied to automatic target recognition (ATR), under water mine detection, and multi-sensor allocation. Responsible for system design, software engineering, task allocation, technical marketing, and periodic program reviews. Results exceeded customer specs, used in $300M DoD follow-on proposal.

Principle Investigator for design and implementation of computer vision technologies. Results documented in 7 refereed publications and Ph.D. Thesis. Implemented vision algorithms on massively parallel machine (DAP) and designed special purpose 3-D wafer scale hardware for real-time embedded processing.

HUGHES SPACE & COMM GROUP (Now BOEING), El Segundo, CA         1984-1989 Fortune 100 company. World’s largest provider of satellite systems. Member Systems Integration Division.

• Proposal Manager responsible for analyzing future telecommunication satellite autonomy requirements and developing concepts to improve reliability through connectionist expert systems. Conducted satellite processing technology assessments that were incorporated into long-term DoD technology roadmaps.

• Large-Scale Satellite Network Simulation Lead Software Engineer for development of large-scale Strategic Defense Initiative discrete-event simulation. Simulation included sophisticated models for global computer and communication networks, missile trajectories, directed energy weapons and battle management. System used to support SDI proposals throughout Hughes. Required Secret and EBI national security clearances.

IBM LOS ANGELES SCIENTIFIC CENTER, Los Angeles, CA         1983-1984                 Fortune 50 company. Research center closely associated with Almaden and Santa Teresa laboratories.

Project Manager: Responsible for directing day-to-day work of 16-member graduate student team. Designed and implemented software interface for object-oriented tools used in Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) products. Interviewed, hired, and trained new student research assistants. Responsible for periodic oral and written reports to IBM management.