Management: Chief Information Officer. Chief Technology Officer. VP Product Development. VP Business Development. Senior Executive Management. Technical Personnel Management. Cross-Functional Distributed Team Building. Multi-project Program Management. Strategic Technology Planning and Forecasting. R&D Project Management. Technical Marketing. Technology Assessment. Product Specification and Evaluation. Financial Planning and Budgeting. Business Process Engineering. Business and Technology Strategy. Global Team Management.

Software and Hardware: IBM Business Discovery Solutions and Data Miner. NeoVista DecisionSeries Data Mining. SAS Enterprise Miner. MS Project. HP OpenView. Riversoft Network Management. OPNET Network Simulation Package. SPSS. PV-WAVE. Matlab. Mathematica. Sun. Silicon Graphics. Distributed Array Processor (DAP). 3-D Wafer Scale Integration. Cisco IOS. UNIX. Solaris. Windows. Mac OS. UML. C/C++. XML. Java. JMS. Fortran. Lisp. Pascal. Assembly. Web Services. Service Oriented Architectures.

Technologies: Large-Scale Network Design and Planning. Network Simulation and Modeling. Network Management, High Availability Web Site Design TCP/IP. Ethernet. Local Area Networks. FDDI. ATM. IP over ATM. ADSL. HDSL. VDSL. FTTC. HFC. Cable Modems. Routers. Ethernet Switches. ATM Switches. Routers. Wireless Cable. Broadband Satellite Data Networks. Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites. MMDS. LMDS. Wireless LAN. WiFi. Software Engineering Methodologies. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Enterprise Engineering. CASE. Data Compression. Intelligent Agents. Database Management Systems. Multimedia Databases. Multimedia Systems. Internet. Neural Networks. Fuzzy Logic. Genetic Algorithms. Pattern Recognition. Data Fusion. Computer Vision. Image Processing. Signal Processing. Time Series Analysis. Wavelets. Massively Parallel Computer Architectures. Parallel Processing Algorithms. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

Applications: Network Performance Monitoring. Internet Access Services. ADSL Access. ATM Backbone Architectures. High-Speed Internet Access Architectures. Electronic Yellow Pages. Data Mining. Automatic Target Recognition. Credit Card Fraud Detection. Hyperspectral Image Processing. Infrared Imaging. Character Recognition. Face Recognition. Handwriting Recognition. Real-time Embedded Processing. Resource Optimization. Speech Recognition. Customer Acquisition and Churn Analysis. Telecom Market Segmentation. Market Basket Analysis. Telecom Operation Support Systems. Telecom Inventory Management Systems. Customer Relationship Management. Public Safety and First Responder Communications and Applications. Computer Aided Dispatch Systems. Mobile (Cellular) Advertising Systems. Food Borne Pathogen Detection Systems. Home Automation and Control Systems.